Become an SLF Volunteer

Volunteering with the Safer Living Foundation

We are recruiting support volunteers across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire to work with adults and young people convicted of sexual offences or who have shown harmful sexual behaviour. Volunteers are from all walks of life and all ages. They are emotionally stable and approachable people who have a mature outlook. They combine an empathic approach with the ability to maintain firm boundaries.

Volunteering with the Safer Living Foundation – the FAQs:

What projects are available for me to volunteer on?

  • Young People’s Circles of Support – meeting a young person in the community aged under 18 as a Circle of volunteers for one hour per week for 12-18 months. Mentoring, social support and fun activities.
  • Lincolnshire adult Circles or mentoring – meeting an adult with a sexual conviction in the community as a Circle of volunteers for one hour per week for 12-18 months. Mentoring, practical support and assisting with risk management.
  • Apollo for Young People – receive extra training to deliver a structured coaching intervention as a pair of volunteers to a young person aged under 18 for two hours per week for 12-18 months. Structured sessions in a private room.

Applying to volunteer at the Corbett Centre follows a different process – please click here for more information.

Where does the volunteering take place?

  • Young People’s Circles of Support – in a main town or city close to the young person, e.g. Nottingham city, Derby city, Ilkeston, Mansfield, Newark, Worksop etc.
  • Lincolnshire adult Circles or mentoring – in rooms or community places such as cafes around Lincolnshire e.g. Lincoln city, Sleaford, Gainsborough, Grantham, Boston, Skegness, Spalding etc.
  • Apollo for Young People – in private rooms such as a school or community centre in the area where the young person lives, e.g. Nottingham city, Beeston, Derby city, Loughborough, Long Eaton, Newark, Retford, Worksop, Mansfield etc.

Can I get public transport or do I need to drive?

We will pay all reasonable travel expenses for mileage if you want to drive, or buses/trains/trams etc. if you use public transport.

If you don’t live in any of our areas, we would need to speak to you about which project you could do and what travel expenses we could pay.

What days and times does the volunteering take place on?

All of our projects take place on weekdays. Most of the projects take place between 9am and 6pm. We will put a Circle, Mentoring or Apollo group together by giving the service user’s available days and times and matching these with volunteers’ availability.

How long do I need to volunteer for?

We ask all volunteers to commit to 12-18 consecutive months of volunteering. This period will not start until after your training so may not be for 3-6 months from your application date.

I am a student and go home to elsewhere during non-term times. Can I still volunteer?

We need volunteers to attend every week (apart from reasonable holidays and sickness etc.) for the 12-18 months. We can pay some reasonable travel expenses for you to come back to the area during holidays. If you are not able to return for weeks at a time, unfortunately our projects aren’t suitable for you.

Can I volunteer on more than one project?

We normally ask volunteers to start with just one project but we are happy for volunteers to take on two projects at a time if they have the time and commitment to do so.

What is the process to becoming a volunteer?

  1. Fill in the application form, GDPR form and equalities form (see below) and email them to us at
  2. We will let you know when our next training days are
  3. If your application is suitable and you can attend our next training days we will arrange for you to have an interview with two of our coordinators on Zoom
  4. If you are successful at interview you will attend our two training days (normally held at NTU City Campus, with travel and refreshment expenses paid)
  5. You can then choose a project based on what you want to do and your availability
  6. Extra training is needed for young people’s projects, and full briefings are given for adult projects

Will I need security/criminal records checks?

We will process and pay for an enhanced DBS check for all volunteers. You will need photographic identification and documents with your current address on. You will also need to complete enhanced security vetting to do the prison project which we can arrange.


Please complete the following documents in full and return them to

GDPR Consent Form

Equality Monitoring Form

Volunteer Application Form

If you have any further questions please email us on the email address above or call us on 01949 803259.