Adult Projects

Safer Living Foundation Adult Projects

The Aurora Project

The Aurora Project provides a signposting, support and therapy service for individuals in the midlands who are distressed about unhealthy sexual thoughts and feelings, and in addition are concerned that they may sexually offend.

The Corbett Centre

The first centre of its kind in the UK, the Corbett Centre aims to support people convicted of a sexual offence to safely reintegrate into the community in order to reduce the number of victims of sexual abuse and harm. Through this facility, the SLF will offer practical and emotional support, educational opportunities and training to people with convictions who are trying to live productive and offence-free lives.

Circles of Support and Mentoring

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) are a successful community initiative proven to reduce sexual offending. A group of volunteers supports a person with a sexual conviction for up to 18 months after release from prison. We also offer short-term support through mentoring and one-to-one projects.

HMP Whatton Support and Mentoring (SAMS)

Support for those leaving prison aimed at reducing anxiety by equipping them with skills and knowledge to create a relaxed transition into the community to try and reduce the risk of harm to themselves or others.

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