The Safer Living Foundation Prevention Project

The Charity is currently scoping out the second significant charitable activity, a UK Prevention Project.

This project will provide a signposting, support and treatment service for individuals in the UK with a deviant sexual interest who are concerned that they will sexually offend but are not within the controls of the Criminal Justice System.

Prevention Project Objectives

We want to prevent children from becoming victims of sexual abuse through the following objectives:

  • To provide a support service for individuals who are concerned that they may sexually offend with the aim of helping these individuals to manage their sexual interests and prevent potential abuse from occurring. This type of service does not currently exist in the UK.
  • To gather and use evidence-based best practice and service-user involvement which will underpin all aspects of the prevention project.

This project is currently in the scoping stages. We will continue to provide updates of our progress here.

If you are concerned about your own or another persons’ sexual thoughts or behaviour towards children, Stop it Now is a dedicated helpline available to support people with these concerns. You can call the helpline on 0808 1000 900.

The direct line to call to enquire into making a self-referral or a referral for someone is: 0115 848 4707.

Recovery nation is also available. It is a free self-help recovery resource for those struggling with sexual addictions or difficulty with their sexual behaviour.