HMP Whatton Support and Mentoring

HMP Whatton Support and Mentoring

The resettlement project of support and mentoring services (SAMS) for prisoners at HMP Whatton

This is a new project for The Safer Living Foundation which began in April 2020. It aims to reduce anxiety around leaving prison by equipping the prisoner with skills and knowledge to create a relaxed transition into the community to try and reduce the risk of harm to themselves or others.

It focuses on high and very high risk prisoners aged 55 and over and/or have additional needs with little or no support within the community.

Two experienced volunteers visit the prisoner each week to learn what support they will benefit best from once they are released. From there we begin to establish links to community organisations that can continue to support them and provisions can be put in place for their transition back into the community.

Prisoners are able to self-refer or they can be referred to us by the Programmes team, their Personal Officer or their Offender Managers. If they are referred by Offender Managers or Programmes, the prisoner must be willing to engage with us for it to be effective.

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